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Each year, Livgracefully will provide 2 Elkhorn High School Seniors each with a $500 Scholarship to the school of their choosing!

lakeland Pet Shelter


 Giving back to a charity Livia most loved!

Cystinosis Research Network


Giving back to CRN, a disease Livia and Mason have.  In search for a cure and hope for our kid's future!



Fibromuscular Dysplasia.  The disease that took Livia from us.  With your help, we can help fund medical research in hopes for a cure.

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spreading kindness


Anywhere Livgracefully can help, we will.  To honor Livia and spread kindness; like she would have.

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how to help


None of this would be possible if it weren't for supporters like you!  With your help, all things are possible!  

We are now a 501c(3)!

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Our mission

Our mission in this website and in this movement, Livgracefully, is to keep Livia's memory alive.  It is to keep the faith that one day, we can take something from this little girl.  We can learn from her, grow and give back to the world as she has so gladly given to it.  

Livgracefully will become an entity that will produce an impact on all things we give back to.  Livgracefully strives to raise money and awareness for Cystinosis and FMD, in search for a cure.  We would also like to achieve great things by giving back to the community Livia so loved.  With your help, we are able to provide scholarships to kids in Elkhorn each year in Livia's name.  Our hope and mission in life is to live our lives as Livia did hers.  

Livgracefully also honors her brother, Mason who so bravely now journeys through this disease without the constant support from his sister.   Our fundraising efforts will in turn provide Mason hopefully with a brighter future and a cure someday!

But we can't do any of this without your support.  When we are ready, we will ask for your help, and we pray and hope that in some small way, you can help us by keeping Livia's name alive in research fundraisers for Cystinosis and FMD.  In keeping her name alive on scholarships that go to kids each year.  And to all the things that Livia loved in this community. The pet shelter the Girl Scouts, and the community pool to name a few.